From the Toronto Publishing Examiner:
Spotlight on Canadian Authors: T.F. Rigelhof
Interview, Part I

Echt! My Enthusiasm Curbed:Terry Rigelhof e-talks with Gordon Lockheed about the works of Anne Michaels and Michael Ondaatje

"Literary culture—the processes by which books get written and read—is a dialogue, a co-operation between writers and readers who are working towards common purposes in good faith with mutual respect. Literary culture is, before all else, an exercise in civics."
"We’ll all need to elevate our pain thresholds enormously to find any kind of personal satisfaction in living through the wrenching changes of the next two decades as the world’s centers of population shift in more dramatic ways than the collapse of the Soviet Union has pre-figured. I’m convinced Canada will be in the foreground of the most crucial of those changes."
- T.F. Rigelhof, from an interview with Michael Bryson of the Underground Book Club

I often hear people mention the need for more informed literary debate in Canada, and that many readers aren't aware just how much talent we have; Hooked has done the work for us. The purpose of the book (in my opinion) is to open up discussion on Canadian Literature. It would make a valuable addition to libraries and one that book clubs would benefit greatly from. It begins a dialogue about Canadian literature and highlights the amazing diversity and talent our writers boast.
- Renee Miller, Toronto Publishing Examiner
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It is a wonder that our literature has survived this long. Hooked on Canadian Books should be a must for these forums as it will, at least, generate the kind of informed discussion that is necessary to a healthy literature. And until the map-making critic shows up, the Canadian reader is going to have to find his or her own way. This book will give them some useful ideas of where they could end up.
- Bruce Meyer, The Globe and Mail
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Rigelhof is writing in defence of writers he admires and considers unfairly neglected... Norman Levine, Mavis Gallant, Barbara Gowdy, Steven Heighton (most of the time), Wayne Johnston, Diane Schoemperlen, M. T. Kelly, and Keath Fraser: people well worth speaking up for, lovers of literature would agree. One of his most fully rounded pieces is his appreciation of Carole Corbeil, written before her recent death; it's a loving look at the works of a novelist few have bothered to think about in such detail.
- George Fetherling, The Ottawa Citizen

In a perfect world, This Is Our Writing would be considered required reading for every book reviewer, professional critic, or literature professor who is committed to the responsibility of bringing serious and useful insight to the study of literature - Canadian or otherwise - while making it relevant and interesting. T. F. Rigelhof has given us a demonstration of how it can be done and why it should be done this way. To extend his food metaphor, he has stimulated my appetite and left me hungry for more.
- Joy Parks, Literary Review of Canada

The gift of Rigelhof's book... is not to tell us which books ultimately matter. The gift of his book is its powerful argument on behalf of its point of view - its dare to take Canadian literature seriously, holding it up to high standards universally applied.... This is not an academic tome, but a serious book for general readers. It is recommended reading for anyone with a love affair with its subject.
- Michael Bryson, The Danforth Review

Rigelhof saves his knockout punch for the venerable Robertson Davies, the closest thing Canadian literature has to Santa Claus. If Davies were alive today, he'd be rolling in his grave, to borrow Randy Newman's line about Karl Marx.
- Joel Yanofsky, The Montreal Review of Books

"Idiosyncratic" and "blunt" are the obvious adjectives for T. F. Rigelhof's 11 essays.... "Vicious" and "funny" follow right behind.
- Candace Fertile, The Globe and Mail

Rigelhof is perversely idiosyncratic and proud of it.... What's more unforgivable is Rigelhof's tremendous blinkered provincialism... Rigelhof is provocative, often clever, mildly entertaining, vaguely analytical, and astonishingly short-sighted.
- Charles Mandel, The Calgary Herald

Full of passion and intelligence... Rigelhof is a serious critic, with well-thought-out and convincingly articulated ideas.
- Douglas Fetherling, The New Brunswick Reader

Rigelhof has many virtues as a critic. He is both widely and deeply read ... At his best, Rigelhof combines the urgency of good journalism with the depth of a true scholar ... He also has an engagingly breezy style ... Rigelhof also has to be commended for refusing to play the tired personal and political games that disfigure our literary life ... Canada needs more Rigelhofs to stir up debate and more books like This is Our Writing. If we ever required Frye's oppressive paternalism of low expectations, we've outgrown that infantile stage of our literary life.
- Jeet Heer (Co-Editor, Left History), The National Post